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When Miller-Eads Company got started in 1969 as electrical contractors, we just wanted to do great quality work with integrity. A union family, passed from one generation to the next, we became known for highly skilled craftsmanship and innovative thinking, but also for the way we treat people—with respect, fairness and transparency. That customer dedication endured; people kept coming back. (Many of them—90 percent in fact—just never left.) And our business grew to be both a premier electrical contractor and an industrial automation and controls integrator under one roof.


If you do any digging, you’ll find we’re responsible for a lot of edgy stuff. We were the first electrical contractor in central Indiana to perform a fiber-optic cable installation. Our people have been at the forefront of cutting-edge processes, such as process control, robotics, multiplex networks, equipotential grounding systems, and low- and medium-voltage distribution, among others.


The pervasive spirit behind our growth is passion and freedom. Our people are encouraged to chase after ideas and inventions that make our own work processes as well as our customers’ lives and businesses better. Your pain points become our springboard for developing groundbreaking new techniques and product solutions that make a lasting impact.


We’re not afraid to invest in new technologies. For us, making inroads outweighs the investment. We were the first to use CAD as a planning tool in the earliest stages of a project. The first to buy a mainframe to support a cohesive and fast-paced work environment. Now it’s things like using laser technology to measure facilities to a millimeter’s accuracy. The latest BIM software to virtually lay out our work in its entirety before any trades are even set up on the job site. Using tablets in the field so our foremen have instant access to resources, potentially trimming days off a project timeline. Always moving forward.


Taking a page out of the industrial playbook, we’re leveraging "just in time" modern manufacturing processes to streamline the way your work gets done at the job site. Drastically cutting downtime and dramatically increasing efficiency—giving you a significant edge in cost control and speed to finish.


We have an incredible synergy between our electrical contracting and automation divisions that work together to make your solution operational. Electrical contracting as well as conceptual, technology enhancement and process improvement projects. From plant floor to boardroom. Concept to product. Specifically tailored solutions, leveraging modern technologies and practices to increase your productivity in today’s evolving marketplace.


To be always learning is a beautiful thing. Striving to be the best version of ourselves, and helping create the best version of your company through specially tailored electrical engineering and automation solutions. If we can continually improve processes, we and the businesses we serve can and will be more competitive in the world market.


For our employees / Safety is a core value, pursued relentlessly—so much so that we are a MICCS Safety-Certified contractor and have one of the lowest EMRs in the industry. More than a safety record, it’s a reflection of how much we care about our employees. Beyond extensive safety training, there’s the way we worked with a manufacturer to design our own gloves. They had to be not only highly tactile and safe, but comfortable to move and work in. From countless hours in research and testing to find the right glasses and hard hats, and even the kind of vehicles we drive—it all matters to us.

We give our people everything they need to succeed, so it’s not surprising our average company tenure is 50 percent longer than the national average. Constant training on the latest electrical techniques and emerging technologies. Better tools for ordering, delivering, planning. And a satisfying environment where they are encouraged to pursue creative solutions to some of the industry’s toughest problems.

For our customers / here today and tomorrow High customer satisfaction and decades-long business relationships do not happen by luck, but as a natural result of our ideals: Fairness, reliability, a devotion to listening and understanding, and generosity. Staying true to our budget and solving problems in the most innovative, cost efficient way. We are grateful to our customers who have maintained partnerships for years and even decades as a result.

For our community / It’s always been who we are, to go outside our walls to help make it better, too. Instead of upgrading to a location that would serve us, we chose to expand in an underprivileged area, helping revitalize the neighborhood. Becoming an anchor by getting involved with local charities that help women and children in crisis, homeless veterans, law enforcement. It says a lot when you interview your neighbors and they unanimously ask you to stay.

For the world / Green energy solutions We believe in taking a bigger, brighter view of our role here on planet Earth. That’s why, as LEED certified contractors, we are dedicated to integrating green energy solutions that help businesses—including ours—save money and reduce environmental impact. One way we do this is with solar panels and wind turbines as complements to traditional energy sources. We even have our own solar array on our office roof, contributing to our operating costs with clean, sustainable energy. / Power factor correction capacitors that reduce wasted energy and its costs. / Electric car chargers for employees and visitors, enhancing your reputation as an environmentally friendly business and encouraging employees to “think green.”


The goal of offering you one-stop contracting is to create a seamless, headache-free project experience under a single management group. Pruning inefficiencies. Streamlining communications. Sidestepping typical project snags.

And if you define headache-free differently, our door swings both ways; in fact, we routinely complete electrical contracting jobs partnering with other integration companies, and automation jobs with other electrical contractors. It’s your best solution we’re interested in.

By that token, we’re brand-agnostic. So, we’ll pull together the right resources for your usage patterns, lifestyle, etc., no matter whose name is on it—as long as it’s real and supportable, it’s fair game.


If you like what you’ve read here about Miller-Eads, we hope you’ll contact us so you can meet our team face to face. Have questions? Want to know more? We’re ready to listen and move forward.