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Electrical Contracting / Industrial Automation

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The forward slash stands for forward thinking—the momentum of one great idea leading to the next. It’s a movement that began nearly 50 years ago that saw Miller Eads grow into one of Indiana’s largest and most sought-after union electrical contractors.

And out of that, an automation side that grew naturally out of a fertile culture for innovating. There’s an almost insatiable energy here. Wherever you require power or movement, we take it as an invitation to design a better way to do it. Whether it’s a complex electrical install or process engineering obstacle, it’s the same challenge to us—and we’re obsessed with solving it.

In our view, every project is a holistic system with the electrical component as the lifeblood keeping all the parts moving in sync. That thinking took us to integrate intelligent ideas that extend to all structural and operational areas. The result is a managed, high-tech, one-stop solution that makes working with us efficient, practical, profitable—and even exciting.

Everything and everyone here has movement. / We love what we do.

Electrical Contracting, installation and integration services with a focus on process improvement and long-term relationships with our clients

Industrial Automation and Controls Integrator, from square-one conceptual to technology enhancement and process improvement projects of any scope

WE ARE / MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD, WITH Highly trained union craftsmen and women / The safest workforce in the industry / Useful, bright solutions like our own high-performance HMI design for the industrial space, that lets workers easily interact with simple information, not data / Leading-edge application solutions using Ignition™ by Inductive Automation / Our Premier Integrator rating in the ignition ecosystem / Brilliant hardware partners like Siemens Industrial and Rockwell Automation / Our in-house state-of-the-art UL-Listed panel shop / Long-term partnerships in health sciences, energy and manufacturing / Thousands of successful projects of every size, scope and complexity in Indiana and the region / A strong focus on emerging technologies to meet global demands